We are really happy with our puppy

There are a number of reasons why people are attracted to Daintree, but for us it was how much time, effort and care is put into the puppies before they leave for their homes - this is a really critical time in puppy development, and Daintree uses it to its fullest. After bringing home our puppy Piper (litter name "Thistle"), this effort really shows. We have had her a few weeks now, and everyone has remarked on how calm she is in new situations. She has met many people, including children and babies since we have had her - and she has been a rockstar. We tend to be skeptical people, and at first we weren't sure about the Puppy Culture Method (and the videos we had to watch!) but we're so happy we did watch them, because it has left us better equipped to raise a well-adapted and resilient dog. In the short time we have had Piper, we have found Trisha to be helpful and prompt with our questions - something as first time puppy-parents we really appreciate! We're really happy we decided to make our first puppy a Daintree puppy, and we are so thrilled that Piper was matched to us. We can't wait for her to be part of all of our adventures!

Sarah and Nick from Kelowna


Nick, Sarah and baby Piper. 

Photo: Tasha Hall