You can see the joy in every single one of her dogs

It is with great privilege that I get to write this review of Daintree Kennels. Recently my Daintree Toller arrived in Scotland after a long voyage with Trisha and Scott. Due to import restrictions, he arrived at 16 weeks old, rather than the usual 8-9. This gave me the unique opportunity to see a dog from Daintree kennels after spending more of his formative days at Daintree. From arrival, he has impressed us with how quiet, polite, loving, trusting and well adjusted he is. On the drive and train ride home we were commended again and again for what a delight  our puppy was in public and potentially stressful spaces. These are traits that extend to all Daintree puppies, due to Trishas commitment to their development from before the pups are even born.

I also got to spend a week with the litter when they were 3 weeks old and saw behind the scenes just how much love and care goes into each puppy, on top of all of the adult dogs. Litters are planned by matching potential parents not only to ensure health, but to optimize character matches as well. From birth, the puppies get frequent one on one attention using the Puppy Culture program which aims to provide balanced temperament and has been proven to help with life-long health of dogs as well.

Most animal care professionals recommend superior breeders that do health testing of their dogs, allow meeting with the dog parents  and limit the number of litters born to each parent. Trisha’s program at Daintree Kennels goes so far beyond these criteria. It is hard to put into words but you can hear the passion and love in her voice when she recites the family tree of her kennels, and you can see the joy in every single one of her dogs if you ever visit. Each and every one of the Daintree family is truly an ambassador for the Duck Toller breed and for happy, ethical, and responsible breeding.

As life long supporters of Daintree, we wake up every day with our best friend and are reminded of the hard work, unsurpassed level of care, and second-to-none quality of dogs that Trisha provides.

Thank you Daintree!

- Lochlan, Zoe, and Rover