"You run a wonderful kennel"

Hi Trisha,
I just wanted to take a moment (while little Kenji San is sound asleep) to thank you for everything. What a pleasure to come and see you in your element with all your gorgeous dogs and sweet little puppies. If we hadn’t had such a long drive ahead I would have stayed all day!

Bruce, formerly Kenji meeting his new family Kelly and Scott.

Bruce, formerly Kenji meeting his new family Kelly and Scott.

It was so nice to meet everyone in person after watching so intently over FB these past few months. I was so surprised by how tiny Granny is, but she’s every bit as sweet as she appears over the web. I can see why Denim is your golden boy - wow what a handsome, well behaved guy and Tiffany is just so calm and lovely too. Again it was a treat for us to come to you so we could meet the parents and get a glimpse into what our sweet boy will be like when he gets older. It was also Scott’s life dream to get in the pen with all the puppies at once – bucket list… check!

You run a wonderful kennel and all the puppies and adults are so loved and well cared for. Your passion for your animals shows through in everything you do. I remember you telling me in our phone interview that you’ve had friends come by and not believe that you have so many dogs because it just doesn’t smell like dog at your place at all - a plug for raw food I never thought I’d give but it's the truth!
To anyone waiting for their pup to be ready or considering making an application, it is a lot of anticipation to wait until week 7 to have a discussion about which will be ‘your dog’ but trust me, I have seen them all in person and each one is beautiful and will make you the happiest person on earth! Keep an open mind; Trisha does a great job discussing temperament and which puppy will be a good fit for your home. Trust her, she knows!
Trisha, we have learned a ton from you over the past 2 months and thank you for all your support to date. We’ll be in touch with pics and let you know when we choose a new name for our little prince.

- Kelly Sanderson, Bruce's owner