overheard on one of my raw club message boards

It gets worse. You will go to shows and peg the raw fed dogs a mile away. I adore my client dogs but I have to admit I get grossed out by their cruddy teeth, funky breath, and greasy, stinky, or frizzy coats. And kibble dogs are so mushy and flabby underneath. No muscle at all, even the ones who get a lot of exercise. Even my 11 year is more tight and toned, with a velvety plush coat and pliable skin over a hard body. Raw fed dogs have especially developed necks. The muscles right behind the ears are like rocks on mine.

Sometimes I want to take them home for a month or 2 and return them so changed from raw that their owners don't recognize them.9 minutes ago ·

Written by a dog groomer who feeds raw diet to her dogs