Raw Food Sources

Grocery stores

Your local grocery store's meat department is an excellent source.  Here you can buy the basics like chicken and turkey parts, beef liver/heart, chicken organs, pork bones, and often marrow bones too.  In the vegetable section, you can pick up your ingredients for Doggie Gazpacho, yams to bake and your apples/carrots to cut up and give as treats.  In the fish aisle, get your cans of sardines or other dark fleshed fish such as salmon, herring, etc. (watch the flavours, the plainer the better.)  I even usually pick up some milkbones from the bulk or pet section to have on-hand.  And don't forget the eggs, yogurt and buttermilk.

Farmer's Markets

Excellent source of grain-fed, non-vaccinated meat in Alberta when buying from the Hutterites.  If your farmer's market is large, they will have a meat vendor who might sell bones or odd cuts which your dogs would enjoy.  There are sometimes sources of more exotic meats here, such as bison, ostrich, and elk.  A great place to get local produce, supporting your neighbouring farm communities and having a fun, laid-back shopping experience with a coffee and friends.  Farm fresh eggs and local dairy are a good choice too.

Butcher Shops

Many butchers can access bulk items like cases of turkey necks, pork feet, and chicken backs by special order.  They may even sell bones/trim or start to save them for you if you ask.  Butchers are still normally indepently owned so you are supporting local merchants when you shop here.  Many raw feeders say having a good relationship with a butcher helps tremendously.

In the Lower Mainland, a great source is Surrey Meats.

Fish Monger

As with butchers, fish stores may have trim available, which you can try feeding raw or 'stew' in some water on the stove if your dog can't get past the texture.  Buy what's on sale.  Only 2 of our dogs will eat raw fish, the other two insist on me cooking it and then they lovvve it :)

Ethnic Markets (Asian especially)
Hunters and Fisherman
Raw food co-ops or mass suppliers
Wholesale Clubs/Restaurant Supply Stores