Denim at 8 weeks old.

Denim at 8 weeks old.

Application Part 1

Daintree has a 4-step application process.  To get things started, please fill out the form below. The first page asks some basic questions, and it will allow Daintree to evaluate our likelihood of being a match for one another.

Once this form has been reviewed, you will be contacted back via email within 1-2 weeks.  When buying a purebred puppy, the breeder and the buyer should be on the same page and see things in a similar way for it to be a good match. The way we see it, this is the beginning of a relationship, not just a one-time transaction. Part 1 gives us a basic understanding and then Part 2 will give us even more because it is more thorough. You are welcome to voice any concerns or questions at any point along the way.

Daintree Kennels has developed our method of caring for our dogs over ten years. We expect our pups to be fed, trained and cared for in the same method that we currently use. If this does not mesh with your way of doing things, we probably won't be a good match.

Thanks for your interest in a Daintree Puppy!

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