This is the final questionnaire in the process of acquiring your Daintree puppy. Please ensure your contact details are correct and current, as it has been some time since we have confirmed them for a few of you. The information will be used to create your purchase contract, bill of sale and registration papers.

You may be contacted individually after the forms have all been received to clarify or discuss options. Otherwise, a list of matches will be posted to the group Facebook page once they have been finalized.

Full Legal Name, Owner # 1 *
Full Legal Name, Owner # 1
Full Legal Name, Owner #2
Full Legal Name, Owner #2
If Applicable.
Residential Address *
Residential Address
We will mail you things at this address and register the dog to this address. If you have a separate mailing address, use the next field.
Phone, Owner #1 *
Phone, Owner #1
Phone, Owner #2
Phone, Owner #2
Someone outside of your household with whom you have a permanent and close relationship with. If, in the future, I needed to reach you pertaining to the dog, and couldn't, this person would be able to contact you.
We understand that specifying a gender may either add an additional $500 to the $2000 base price of our puppy or bump us to the next litter if we are unwilling to pay the surcharge for our gender of choice. Males are in short supply and cannot be guaranteed. If the demand for males exceeds the available number, males will be priced at the higher rate. Gender cannot be guaranteed even if families are willing to pay extra for one.
We understand that specifying specific colouration is just a matter of taste and may have no bearing on the puppy matched to us.
lifestyle questions
Activity level of the people in the household *
Energy level of the dog *
Nobody in our immediate family has been accused or convicted of animal cruelty. *
Size of the adult dog *
Puppy size does not always correlate to adult size, but it is a good predictor. No guarantees are made on the full grown adult size of the dog.
Show prospect *
If your puppy is show quality, would you be open to working with Daintree to show and/or breed your dog as an adult?
Our yard is *
Have you already contacted your vet to make an appointment for your dog's first vaccination and exam?

The matches will be chosen by Daintree Kennels and announced during week 7. If you are unable to be satisfied with your match or match options, your payments to date will be deferred to the next available litter.