daintree's makin waves "Jingjing"

July 12, 2015- Female

(CH Daintree Dad's Best Jeans x Pikkinokka Brfst at Tiffany's)

  • Hips - GOOD- DTR-2330G24F-VPI

  • Elbows - NORMAL- DTR-EL1083F24-VPI

  • Patellas - NORMAL- DTR-PA414/24F/P-VPI

  • Cardiac - NORMAL- DTR-CA1156/24F/P-VPI

  • Eyes CERF - NORMAL- DTR-EYE593/24F-VPI (distichiasis)

  • PRA - Carrier (PawPrint Genetics 29655-11903)

  • CEA/CH - CLEAR (PawPrint Genetics 29655-11903)

  • DM - NORMAL (PawPrint Genetics 29655-11903)

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CKC CN613847

Microchip 956000004123851


JJ, as we have nicknamed her is the culmination of generations of breeding and we are immensely proud of not only her beautiful structure and pretty, feminine "look" but also her fun-loving, outgoing temperamant and showy attitude. Cannot wait to get this little girl into the show ring!

She is named for world famous aerial diver Guo Jingjing, who has competed in four consecutive Olympic games and has won the most Olympic medals of any female diver to date. She is known in China as the "Princess of Diving." Our Jingjing was the pick female from Daintree's Splash litter, so named for the Grannydog Splash who started it all. As another nod to Granny, JJ's registered name contains the same phrase as hers did; Granny was Tosser's Makin Waves.