Websites We Like and Recommend

Naming Your Toller- a great article on common names to avoid, the anatomy of a registered name, and other good information on how the purebred Toller world works.

Toller Health- for anyone considering buying a Toller, this website will inform you of the known health issues within the breed, what we can test for, and what types of treatments or cures are currently known and available.

Other NSDTR Breeders

Pikkinokka Kennels-  Til Niquidet's website. Til breeds Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Finnish Spitz and Pomeranians.

Woodcreek Tollers- Toby McSween's website.  Toby breeds NS Duck Tollers and has bred English Bulldogs.  Toby was a Calgary neighbour and dog walking friend, living only 4 blocks away.

Nopper Dogs-  Ontario breeders of NS Duck Tollers

Jocar Tollers- Carolyn's Toller site.  Based in Kelowna, BC.