How are puppies matched to their families?

This is a pretty common question. How does a buyer know that they are truly getting the 'right' puppy, and that they are the right home for him at the same time? Add to this the distance often existing between Daintree and the buyer, preventing people from meeting their puppies in advance and this can cause some wonder or concern. You can't easily meet or spend time with the puppies, so is it possible that somehow you could end up with the wrong puppy, or one you can't handle?

The short answer is no. Duck Tollers are generally similar enough to one another that if Daintree thinks you can handle one, you could be ok with any Toller, especially if you raise it yourself from a puppy.

Let me explain how I approach the matching process.

Millie, Daintree's Put a Spell on You, co-owned by Daintree and the Suter family in Squamish.

Millie, Daintree's Put a Spell on You, co-owned by Daintree and the Suter family in Squamish.

For each litter, I have the exact number of buyers as I do puppies. This is achieved by interviewing and screening the same amount of families as I have puppies available for sale. Prior to the whelping, I screen and accept 6 families. Once the pups have arrived, I will screen and approve as many more families as I need to in order to ensure that there is a capable, qualified home for each puppy.

Let's say there are 8 puppies, which is a common number at Daintree. That means that I also have 8 families who have proven to be qualified by demonstrating that they are loving, caring, communicative, open-minded, active, holistically-minded, on board with the low vaccinations and raw diet as well as subscribe to the ideology of positive reinforcement training. Their lives will revolve around the puppy. And you know what? THAT is the right home for a Toller puppy. And if you are waiting for a puppy from an upcoming litter after having gone through the multiple steps of becoming approved, there is no way that you won't be the right fit for your dog.

Now, how about the puppy being right for you? This is trickier but there is a little bit of science and a little bit of magic that goes into matching the right pup for each home. 

Things I consider when making the matches:

  • temperament
  • gender
  • markings
  • activity level of the puppy 
  • activity level of the home
  • any special requirements (hunting, showing, therapy work, etc.)
  • predicted full-grown size (if the home is specifically looking for a larger or a smaller dog.)
  • buyers' input

Based on photos, videos and discussions, most of the owners are following along on social media and consciously or unconsciously choosing a favourite the whole time that the pups are developing. From first breath to their eyes opening to first meals and first time outside, you get the chance to witness all of it. Each puppy wears a ribbon to distinguish him from the others. It is always the same colour, so you can identify each puppy in every picture and video. You will be attracted to a certain few pups based on their appearance. You will receive a questionnaire in week 7, allowing you input into what characteristics matter to your household, activity level and more. Daintree evaluates each family's responses and makes the matches accordingly.

Every family winds up with the perfect puppy regardless. Within five seconds of holding your little bundle, she is the ideal puppy and you name her and she becomes the most important thing in your life. I have never not seen this be the case.