Got to see Hollis and Jasper last weekend

Hollis and Jasper's families came out to meet me at the dog park for a little run while I was in Calgary last weekend.  I took some photos and am so sad, they were deleted accidentally off my camera :(

I managed to get Boomer off to his new home, where I have received the following report about him:

Boomer is doing really well.  He is horking down over two pounds of food a day, and is putting weight on nicely.  His energy level is way up (it is quite funny to see him tolling around the living room, although a little nerve-wracking with the lamps!), and he is behaving much more like a two-year-old dog.  He loves going for walks on the trails, although he is a little nervous when the trees close in and the wind is high…  he’ll get over that, though.  He also likes swimming in the lake, although he still has no interest in retrieving on land or water!