News from Daintree

Apologies for those who check the site looking for updates and current information... I have been pretty busy being focused on work and other things to actually get on here and post news and photos.  Time to change that!

We are just back from the Medicine Hat Canine Association CKC All-Breed show, where Rhys had her conformation debut.  She was handled all 3 days by pro handler Larry Clark.  Rhys received many very complimentary comments from the judges and although she did not earn any points this weekend, she got Reserve Winners Female on Friday and Sunday, as well as Best Puppy in Breed all 3 days so we are fairly pleased.

Rhys enjoyed being a show dog and that is best result of all- based on her more reserved demeanor, I was a little concerned she would not enjoy herself.  I will be posting video and pix of the show so you can see for yourself how she seems to like it!