Give a dog a bone

The puppies are mad for anything on the bone.  I have put down all manner of food for them, and hands-down if it is a Recreational Meaty Bone, they dive right in.  Each one pulls out their piece and they scatter around the pen to go to work.  I figure it must be enjoyable for them to eat this way, as they really do drift off into a pleasure-trance while eating!  Odd times, a growl can be heard if one of the siblings gets too close to another during this feasting.

They also like many ground, prepared meats.  This week I introduced duck, a different kind of turkey, and venison.  None of them liked the turkey, and duck was a bit of a wash as well!  They all clamored around the dishes when they were set down, and then walked away after an evaluation sniff.  Turkey=gross?!  After awhile, a couple of them drifted back for a mouthfull, but after a half hour, most of it was still in the dish.  I guess this litter would have to be pretty starving to settle for anything that gobbles or quacks.  I will try them on duck and turkey necks to see if I can put the fun back into these meats!

Dry food is going down a bit better.  If I mix it very well with canned food (Merrick's) and top it with cottage cheese or tomato juice, they will eat it.  They show very little interest if it is on its own.  In order to ensure they don't get used to any one brand, I have been mixing small portions of Merricks BG, Nature's Logic, Wellness Core, EVo in both red meat and poultry flavours, and Horizon.  These puppies are going to be as adaptable as possible if I have any say in the matter.

There are now committed homes for 3 of the puppies: Tikka, Vindaloo and Bhindi.  Mango, Bombay and Tandoori are very close too, now.  I should know more by the end of the weekend.

At the time of writing, 5 of the puppies have been out in car rides with the hopes of making it all 8 by the end of the day. 

When the pen is being cleaned, I will let them run around the main part of the house and really stretch their legs.  With 8 of them, one is often chewing on the ottoman leg, another is pulling up the carpet, there is one taking a poo, 2 fighting over a discarded bone from the adults, one trying to dump over a glass of water, remote squeaking from another room, and pitter patter as the last one is running laps.  It's mayhem, but I love it.