Lazy Saturday

The puppy inquiries are starting to heat up; we have several families on the verge of making decisions about which puppy and when they would like to come and pick up their little bundles of joy.

The pups are super-enjoying their new habitat, climbing up and down the stairs with confidence and speed after only 2 days in there. 

They have now eaten pork, turkey, elk, lamb, chicken, beef and bison as well as a couple of different kinds of chewies (dried herring and dehydrated chicken breast are their faves.)

I have given them their first dose of de-wormer with the next dose due on Dec 8th.  First set of vaccinations, tattoos and medical check-ups are due around then too.

The dryer is tumbling their most recent load of laundry and they are all having a little cat-nap, strewn round the floor and different levels of their new digs.