Disaster Averted & Happenings of Late!

As usual, Mommy knows best.  Although it was hard for me to understand her not running to her kids every time they holler, it makes perfect sense not to.  She now has them on a 6-hour feeding schedule not a 4-hour.  Smart cookie.  This way, I think she must be preparing them for independence and eventual weaning.  She will lie on a doggie bed right next to the puppy nest, so she can hear them perfectly if and when they begin to sound off.  She just decides when she wants to and when she doesn't.

Splash, the great-great grandmother has been very interested in the puppies pretty much since the beginning.  A retired breeding bitch herself, she seems to naturally want to care for the little ones and they don't mind a bit- they love their grammie!  Curry presents a watchful eye over the interactions, but Splash is happy to potty the little ones and even tried to get Bombay to play with her last night!  (Curry then growled, so Splash skulked off.)

Daddy still believes the whelping nest is a big bowl of crazy and wants nothing to do with it, not even when one of the puppies gets put down beside him.  I tried that with Bombay, who is the resident guinea pig for most of the new experiences.

Tandoori seems to be the most cognizant so far, coming straight over to my hand when I sit beside the puppy pool, and soliciting pets and back scratches.

The whole group have begun to walk more, as opposed to dragging their back legs around, although their legs seem to be made of jellly and not very sturdy, as all of a sudden they will fall over.  There is now some play between the puppies, pushing into each other, mouthing, and then some defensive growling.  As I type this, Tikka is 'biting' Bhindi in the ear and eye while squealing with delight.  Mango and Tandoori are both gnawing on Rogan Josh too- one on each ear.  RJ is just trying to get some sleep despite the ambush.  And now Tikka has moved on to Chai.

I have divided the nest into one half newspaper and one half sleeping area (heating blanket with disposable hospital drape and fuzzy sleepy-bed.)  The puppies are (for the most part) sleeping on the bed part and peeing on the newspapers!  Mom is still pottying them for their bowel movements, but they have begun to have urges to pee (especially upon waking) and seem to know that peepee doesn't go where snoozing goes.  So cool.

Now Tikka is beginning to chew on the hospital drape.  lol