Day 13 All Eyes Open!

Little Mango's right eye popped open yesterday so we are all caught up now.  Leave it to the boys to bring on the next developmental step.  Bombay is walking, well it's pretty wobbly but boy is he intent!  And not far behind we have Rogan Josh, Tandoori, Chai and Bhindi. 

I am also seeing some cute new behaviours such as mouthing each other (gumming each other in this case), curling up to sleep, whereas before they would just lay on their sides, and a hint of dreaming (growling, running, peeping, chirping.) They are also beginning to stretch and yawn. Might seem like simple things to you and I, but none of this was happening in week 1. They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and from everything I have read, the bigger changes start to come on a lot more after this. I am strapped in for the ride!