Development is such a cool thing

As is normal with litters of puppies, the development is a little staggered.  Some of them start doing something new and within a few days, they all are.

Take eyes for example.  On Wednesday, I saw a few little corners start to pry open, the next day I was seeing blue eyeball on a couple of the boys and 1 girl, and now on Sunday 15 eyes are open and just one puppy's right eye is sealed.  They all started on the left by the way!

Growling was next.  Rogan Josh was heard murmuring a teensy growl when I put Tikka back in the nest.  He was completey asleep, and dreaming when he did this so it was not brought on by anything in particular.  To watch the clip, it is at the end of this bit:

That was the same night 2 of them had a bowel movement without being stimulated by Mom.