It's official- I am obsessed

Ever since 2 days ago, life will never be the same. I am more in love with my dog, Curry the mother, as I watch her daily taking care of the little ones' needs. She feeds them and potties them and moves them around with her mouth when necessary. She quiets their cries, keeps them warm and sometimes climbs right out of the whelping nest for a little cool-down time and peace. She is amazing, and has become even more amazing to me than she already was.

I am also in love with the litter. At 2 days old, they don't have much personality as individuals but the presence of all this brand-new life in the house is indescribable. Their cooing and mewling is music to my ears. If they need something, Mom knows what to do and provides it. All are taken care of. I am obsessed with taking their photos, updating the website, uploading video to Youtube and just generally documenting everything. This is a healthy obsession, and one I don't intend to give up :)