Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you ship a puppy to me in Regina, Montreal, Timbuktu, etc.?

Yes, unaccompanied puppies can be shipped through most major airlines.  A new crate and all shipping expenses will be added to the purchase price of your puppy.  

Whenever possible, Daintree recommends that faraway customers travel here by air to pick up your puppy. Our closest airport is Kelowna and in the USA it's Spokane, WA. This way the puppy can travel with the ticket holder in the cabin. If you cannot fly in to get the puppy, Daintree can sometimes provide a flight nanny.

Note, during the Christmas season the airlines embargo the shipment of ANY pets in cargo due to high passenger traffic. During warm weather, they may change or cancel flights due to high temperatures on the tarmac. Check with the airline to see if they allow pets under the seat and consider flying to collect your pup.

It is advisable that you look closer to home for a Toller if you are not able to pay for the extra charges of having one shipped to you, or come and get the puppy by ground.

2. How much do daintree puppies cost?

Local purchasers will pay $3500 CAD (this price does not include applicable taxes- both PST and GST will be added to the total as they apply to live animal sales in British Columbia. I know, but it's the law, sorry!)

Canadian purchasers from a distance will pay $3500 CAD plus shipping expenses.  

American and European purchasers will pay 3500 in their currency, converted to Canadian funds. This covers the many additional requirements to export a puppy out of the country and includes Canadian taxes in the total.

A deposit of $350 reserves your puppy and places you on our official year-round wait list.

Prices will vary on older puppies and adults due to age, breeding potential, level of training, health clearances and titles achieved. Breeding dogs are generally sold on co-ownership agreements and will come with additional financial obligations.


3. I noticed you live in Nakusp, BC.  Where is that?

Nakusp is a gorgeous village on the banks of the Arrow Lakes in the West Kootenays, 2 hours south of Revelstoke and 3 hours north of Kelowna.


Puppies can be picked up from Nakusp, BC.  Partial delivery may be available to Revelstoke, Kelowna, Vancouver and Calgary for an additional charge if you are not able to come and get your puppy here. Many families opt to fly in to Kelowna and pick up their pups in person, but shipping by air cargo is also an option. I prefer to meet every buyer in person and try to allow as much time as possible to visit together when you pick up your puppy.

What sets us apart from other breeders is the level of information puppy families get while awaiting their pup.  Trisha regularly blogs, documents, and photographs the puppies and parents so that no matter how far away you live, you can feel like you are right here with us watching them first hand.  Many breeders do not have the time or know-how to do this and you only get a couple of photos once in awhile before you get your puppy in person. There is also a Facebook group created for each litter where buyers can converse and Trisha provides additional videos, photos and puppy descriptions.

Trisha is a wealth of knowledge on the care and raising of puppies and happy to answer any questions you have before or after you have your Daintree dog.  We intend to keep in contact with you and love to hear updates on how our 'extended families' are doing!

4. Do I need to be a show home to have a hope of buying one of these puppies?

We breed family pets first and foremost and we always will.  Daintree loves selling to dog loving owners who want well-bred companions. Trisha herself just wanted a Toller pet when she found Splash in 2005. 

We care about our offspring earning titles in conformation, obedience, agility, hunting, etc. so it is encouraged to explore these sports and activities but will not be a factor in selecting you as a match. Preference will be given to suitable show or performance homes.  But at the end of the day, we want the dogs to have active, healthy forever homes where they will be exercised, trained and loved. 

Co ownership is one way to achieve a win-win outcome.  The puppy lives with you full time, and Daintree borrows him/her for occasional dog shows and breeding.  Details available upon request.

If you are a show or performance home, we are more than happy to offer you the results of structure and other evaluations to determine if one of our puppies suits your needs.  If you are not yet, but would like to be we offer different options for co-ownership, mentoring, and fostering.

5. Can you tell me more about the breed?  What are they like?  Will they get along with my Chihuahua, Great Dane, cat, lizard, etc.?

For more information on the breed's exercise requirements, standards, average adult height and weight, breed-related health problems, etc. please visit our About Tollers page or do research online on sites you trust for information.  Any new puppy will be able to adjust to the conditions and other creatures in the new environment providing you introduce them properly and the existing animals are tolerant of others.  Temperament is an important factor in deciding on a new pet, and this should be a deciding factor on which puppy you actually buy.  The age, sex and temperament of your existing pet is even more important.  A 9 year old toy poodle or Siberian Husky will probably not like a 9 week old Toller very much, unless the first dog is still very active, healthy and well socialized.

There is also some truth to the popular Top Ten Reasons Not to Get a Toller.

6. I like a certain puppy because it has a white face, or a tail tip.  If I am paying good money for a dog, shouldn't I be allowed to chose and get what I want?

Yes and no, not entirely. As this is a rare and in-demand breed, there are always more suitable homesthan there are puppies available. A puppy's appearance is the least of the attributes considered when selecting the correct dog for each home.

A good breeder does not take this decision lightly, as it is paramount to place the correct temperament, skills, and energy level with each approved family.  If your only criteria is a white blaze, it tells me that you are not looking thoroughly enough at the overall picture and might not be a great candidate for one of these puppies.  Just because somebody has a preference for white or lack thereof, does not mean that dog is the correct pet for him.

During the application process, you have the opportunity to have your say about what you are looking for or which dog appeals most to you. However, those adoptive families with a wider range of acceptability for "any" female, "any" male, or even "any" puppy will be easier to accommodate. Once you are approved and it is time to pay your deposit to hold a puppy, you need to be sure that you can accept a dog other than your first choice.

Gender is another hot button.  No one but Mother Nature can determine how many of each gender there will be in a litter, or what the males and the females will be like or look like.  Think long and hard about why you really prefer one sex over the other, and try to be flexible on your puppy's gender to avoid disappointment.

Oakley, aka Daintree's Hello Kitty waiting for her flight home to Saksatchewan. Photo taken by her owners.

Oakley, aka Daintree's Hello Kitty waiting for her flight home to Saksatchewan. Photo taken by her owners.