Exporting A Pup

Obtaining permission to import a puppy younger than 3 months old without a rabies vaccination


Normally, importing a puppy to the United States requires waiting until the pup is 4 months old due to rabies vaccination requirements. Daintree will not vaccinate pups for rabies this young. However, it is possible to get your puppy eariler as long as you apply for CDC vaccine exemption. 


Since 2008, Daintree has sold several puppies to American homes with no issue. The last puppy that moved south of the Canadian border was to Washington in December 2016. The owners obtained special permission easily via the CDC.



In August of 2014, the United States Center for Disease Control began strict enforcement of a specific regulation concerning the administration of rabies vaccinations for puppies being exported from Canada to the USA.

The CDC had always allowed pups under 12 weeks of age to enter the USA and then to be vaccinated in their home state. The new enforcement effectively ended the ability to send two month old, unvaccinated puppies to American homes.

This is the only way that Daintree will export puppies to the United States. In our opinion, the rabies vaccination is not to be taken lightly. It can cause nasty, serious, long term side effects and Daintree does not condone administering the rabies vaccination to a pup younger than 6 months of age, due to potential negative impact on health and behaviour. Because of the CDC decision to begin enforcement, and Daintree's refusal to vaccinate a puppy so young, an exemption form is the only way around it.  After approval by this kennel, American applicants must obtain an exemption letter from the CDC by visiting this website and completing the online request.

Daintree no longer vaccinates any of our breeding stock for rabies at any age unless required by law for international travel.

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In Summary, it IS possible and fairly easy to do if you are willing to go through the application process starting with the CDC. (Start here.)