Denim at 8 weeks old.

Denim at 8 weeks old.

Part 1- Reservation Process

We accept reservations year round and keep a running wait list from which we place the puppies as they are bred and ready to go.

Daintree has a 3-step reservation process.

Please fill out the reservation form below. This will allow you and those of us at Daintree to evaluate our likelihood of being a match for one another.

Once the form below has been reviewed, you will be contacted back via phone or email within a few days.  Sometimes we get very busy raising puppies and the email response time can suffer. Be patient but please feel free to follow up, because technology isn't foolproof.

When buying a purebred puppy, the breeder and the buyer should be on the same page and see things in a similar way for it to be a good match. The way we see it, this is the beginning of a relationship, not just a one-time transaction. This form gives us a basic understanding and if we see a potential for a match, we will invite you to a longer questionnaire. Then we will schedule a chat. We will spend 1+ hours on a phone chat together to go over things in more detail and also allow YOU to interview US and permit us to get to know one another better. At that point, we can usually all tell if this is a good fit and if we like one another, we will proceed with selecting your family. The final details of approval include checking references and asking you to send a few photos of your home, yard, family, etc.

Photos? Really? Yes, really. We normally can't meet you due to distance. However you are invited to share some pictures or video with us so that we can see more about your lifestyle and residence. We want to envision how the puppy will live in your home. We will send you a list of ideas and don't expect perfection from you; just a general idea of your lifestyle.

Please voice any concerns or questions at any point along the way.

Daintree Kennels has developed our method of caring for our dogs over 13 years. We entrust that our pups to be fed, trained and cared for in the same method that we currently use or very close to it. If this does not mesh with your way of doing things, we probably won't be a good match.

Thanks for your interest in a Daintree Puppy!

We give preference to homes in Alberta, British Columbia and Washington/Idaho. Applicants in other areas of Canada or the United States are encouraged to apply for a puppy closer to home. American applicants outside of the Pacific Northwest will also be considered if there is a specific reason for applying with this kennel, however due to cost and distance of travel it is normally easier for those far away to look in neighbouring states and provinces first. If you are sold on Daintree and no distance would stop you, then go for it!

Name *
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If you are outside of North America, please enter all zeroes (000 000 0000.)
American applicants outside of Idaho and Washington, please consider applying to kennels closer to your location. Many have found that the cost of transport prevents them from following through with their Daintree reservations.
Timeframe for your puppy. *
Please select the timeframe closest to the timing that works for you.
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Activities we plan to do with our new dog: *
We assume that all families will walk their dogs so walking is not listed. Check all that apply.
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We will consider homes that cannot answer yes to this question, so please be honest.
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We avoid shipping puppies in the cargo hold and prefer to meet our families in person whenever possible.
We typically respond within 48 hours. Please check your junk and spam folders in case our correspondence missed your inbox. You may email us at or text our mobile number 250-265-8605 if you would like to follow up or receive a confirmation of receipt.