Oct 13


Pups got 2.5 lbs of a beef tripe and ground duck mixture.  They are still nursing 5-6 times a day, with Rhys deciding when she goes in and out as always.

Adults got beef tripe and a small portion of raw beef liver.

THAWING- beef ribs, beef tripe, straight beef meat

BAKING- spaghetti squash


The pups will be on 3 meals a day now, for the rest of the time I have them and then up until the age of 5-6 months, as their new homes see fit.  Puppies burn a lot of calories during a day so frequent feeding helps them stay nourished while they do the bulk of their lifetime's growing.

Their mid-day meal today was 2 lb of beef tripe on top of 3/4 medium sized baked, cooled spaghetti squash.  After the tripe was gone, they entertained me with their faces while eating the squash, like, "This is NOT meat and we are NOT happy about it."  BUT they still ate it all :P


Each pup got a 4 inch beef rib.  They worked and they worked to get the meat off those bones.  It was hilarious to see them fight over one with another laying there within reach.  They carried them around, Teilo did for awhile until he finally found the right place to eat it.  They got covered in soaked through newspaper and were still seeming appetizing to the pups.  Rhys came in and recovered a few as the pups started to tire out.  That is the most tired I have seen them, with Iago and Morgana even falling asleep curled up on 2 stairs.