Oct 12


Adults had leftovers including 1 turkey neck, some bison meat, and some liver pate I wasn't going to finish.  The babies had ground duck with crushed pineapple, which was all gobbled up. 

For a mid-afternoon snack, all the puppies got a special treat!  I had picked up some Vitalife Duck and Sweet Potato Twists when I was at Walmart a few weeks ago, and they each got one.  Most of them ate the duck and left the Sweet Potato for Rhys when she came in to clean up after them!

We are ready to move on to a new meat, which is going to be beef since I have quite a bit of it and in different forms.


Adults each got a bowl of raw beef tripe from Courtlyn, and so did the puppies.  Their 2 lbs was gone in a couple of minutes!