What can I expect when I apply for a puppy from Daintree?

Being approved for a puppy also means choosing us as your breeder. For our part, we conduct an in-depth screening process involving your application, reference checks, video or photo submission and home visit if possible or phone interview if not. To find out more about us, you may want to review our testimonials page or visit our social media (twitter, tumblr, facebook, or instagram.) This website is chock-full of information as well.


  • Start with some research.  Educate yourself about the breed: conformation standards, possible health issues, grooming requirements, typical traits, activity level, and life expectancy. Knowing characteristics of the breed will prepare you for the application process.
  • When you decide to apply for a puppy from Daintree Duck Tollers, fill in and submit an qpplication.   
  • A link for the second application will be provided to you upon the completion of the first section. 
  • Part 2 of the application is more in depth, and we will only ask you to fill it in if you seem to be a match based on Part 1 responses.


  • Daintree will request photos of your family and home to get a sense of your lifestyle. We want to see you doing active things that your future dog will be a part of. We want to see your main living area and your yard. This is just to determine if your lifestyle appears suitable for one of our puppies and for the breed in general.
  • Photos and videowill be required to be uploaded to our private Facebook album for review.
  • After Daintree has reviewed your application and photos/video, we will set up a phone call or a home visit if you are local. The call will help us to determine if your home is suitable for a puppy, and answer questions you may have.
  • We will call your references and ask a few questions. We will also call your landlord to ensure they are comfortable with the addition of a puppy to their property.
  • Applicants will be informed of your approval for a puppy via email and requested to agree to the terms and conditions before a final commitment is made.
  • A deposit of $350 CAD is requested to secure a spot on the official wait list, and Daintree's commitment to provide you with a puppy that fits your family within the timeframe discussed.


Trisha is a wealth of knowledge on the care and raising of puppies and happy to answer any questions you have before or after you have your Daintree Dog.  We intend to keep in contact with you and love to hear updates on how our extended families are doing.


Gunnar with his owners on Gotcha Day- pic by Cat McLean

Gunnar with his owners on Gotcha Day- pic by Cat McLean