Midori and me 4 weeks

Application Part 2

Thank you for your interest in adopting a puppy from Daintree Duck Tollers. This is the second part of your adoption application. The purpose of this questionnaire is to best pre-qualify your suitability for one of our puppies and to ensure this is the best breed for you. All of the questions in this form are just further information to ensure that you are the right home for one of our puppies. Questions should be answered to the best of your ability and even though some may seem intrusive, it is only with the puppy’s best interest that we ask them at all. We do appreciate the time and care you take in completing this application. 

Step 3 is a photo or video application In lieu of a home visit; just send a series of pix or a video of yourselves, your home, yard and lifestyle. We'll also check your references and call your landlord. Yes, we're that thorough.

Step 3 is a phone call with the Breeder, Trisha. That is also your opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about Tollers or our methods.


Your invitation to reserve a puppy will be pending this process.

Applicant Information
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Name 2
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Pet Ownership Questions
Have you ever met a Duck Toller? *
Tell us what, if anything, concerns you about the breed. *
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Are you willing to follow our strict, limited vaccination strategy even if challenged by uneducated/well-meaning family, friends, vets, trainers, kennels, daycares, etc.? *
Daintree Kennels recommends a limited lifetime vaccination regime, which conflicts with traditional kennel protocol. Many boarding kennels require that dogs be ‘up to date on shots' with proof.
How likely are you to feed a raw diet to your new puppy? *
Preference will be given to families who are.
If you have other healthy dogs, are you willing to switch their diet(s) to raw?
No need to answer if you do not have other dogs.
ONLY fill in if previous answer was NO.
Just fill this in if you are unsure about the diet so that we can understand why. We want to to be able to discuss this further from a place of better understanding.
Are you open to keeping your dog intact and having us show and/or breed your puppy if s/he proves to be a show or breeding prospect? *
This answer is only required from residents of BC, Alberta, and WA. More information can be provided if you are open to the idea- this is just to gauge interest.
Activity and Lifestyle Information
Please choose the answer which best applies to your household. *
On a scale of 1 to 5, how active are you? *
Do you have a fenced, private yard? *
Your response does not directly impact your suitability for a puppy.
Would you be interested in an older dog if there are any available? *
Do any of the following life events apply to you during the next 24 months? *
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We understand that this is a personal question, but please answer honestly. Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and can have a significant impact on physical and mental health.
Does anybody in your family smoke? *
Dogs can be affected by second-hand smoke.
(These people will be contacted. Naturally we assume you have advised them of your plans to purchase a puppy.)
Daintree puppies sold within Canada cost $3500 CAD plus GST and PST. Daintree puppies sold to the USA cost $3200 USD or Europe cost 3500 Euros. All additional costs such as transport, additional documentation, delivery, exchange in currency, etc. are the responsibility of the purchasers. Other additional costs may include: shipping, airport transfer, crate, documentation for export or shipping purposes, additional boarding past 9 weeks of age if required, and service charges for the completion of any of the above. All charges will be due at the time of delivery and will be disclosed to purchasers in advance. If your dog is being delivered to you, all or part of the way, delivery charges will apply to offset the costs of doing so.
I have read and understood the segment on pricing. *
Purchase Information
We are here if you need advice, help, direction, a sounding board, suggestions, and recommendations. If ever you find yourself unable to keep your dog due to major life changes, illness, death in the family, financial hardship, etc. your dog MUST be returned to Daintree unless you have discussed alternate arrangements with us Once approved, you are making a commitment to adopt, home and care for a dog whose life expectancy is 12+ years. This is not a decision which should be taken lightly. Daintree does not guarantee that all planned breedings will take, that all pregnancies will result in live viable offspring, that we can provide the sex or coloration of your first choice, or that there will be enough puppies for the limited number of deposits taken for each litter. A separate form containing terms and conditions will be forwarded when/if your application to purchase is approved.
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