Full purchase price of the dog is $2500 plus transportation, and applicable taxes (PST/GST). The deposit amount is $1000. Payment of deposit must be received within 7 days of the "Conditionally Approved" email that you have just received. Once your payment is made, your dog is reserved. The deposit will become NON-refundable within 3 days of payment. If you decide not to purchase this dog, for any reason, or decline to accept another dog from this breeder, all deposit money will be forfeited to the breeder.

If for some reason this dog is unavailable or a tragedy befalls it, and there is not a suitable puppy due to circumstances beyond the breeder’s control, your deposit will be deferred to the next litter. If you cannot or will not accept a puppy from the following litter, deposit funds less $200 will be refunded to you. If the breeder opts not to sell you a puppy due to breach of agreed upon conditions, all funds are forfeit.


Dogs who are being shipped by air cargo to their new homes will be subject to additional costs including but not limited to: fee charged by Vet to provide documentation that the puppy is fit for air travel, airport transfer fee, crate and supply purchase, shipping charges, and all applicable taxes. 

Puppies who are being delivered to Spokane, Vancouver or Calgary will be subject to additional costs including but not limited to: a share of the cost of transport, hotel, daily meals and pet care of the dogs left at the kennel to enable Trisha to leave for delivery. The cost of the trip is divided between each puppy being delivered. 

Puppies who are being delivered to Revelstoke, Kamloops, and the Okanagan will be subject to additional costs including but not limited to: the km rate charged by Federal government standards (March 2016 0.54/km) and the cost of pet care for the day.

A full listing of fees is available to qualified applicants.


You are assured of the dog or started puppy verbally agreed upon provided that the folowing conditions are me:

1.    a satisfactory conversation with all adult members of your household;

2.    subsequent ongoing satisfactory interaction with all members of your household;

3.    we remain in agreement about methodology regarding the quality of life of the pup in question (namely raw diet, positive reinforcement training, and minimal vaccination);

4.    you as a buyer remain in regular contact with me up to the delivery or pickup day of your puppy (and encouraged to stay in touch after):

5.    the payment of funds owing plus applicable taxes and any outstanding boarding, delivery or miscellaneous fees are paid at the time of transfer of the dog;

6. positive references from the contacts you provided and landlord if applicable.

If any of the six items above prove to be unsatisfactory in the sole opinion of the breeder, your deposit will be returned, and you will not receive this dog, another dog or a puppy from this breeder.

Each applicant over the age of 18 is requested to respond that you acknowledge the above terms and conditions before sending your deposit. Payment options will be forthcoming.

·         Daintree certifies that the dog has been vet checked, dewormed and vaccinated for parvo.  Your balance is due at time of pick up and includes PST and GST and transport if applicable. Balance must be paid upon pick up or prior to shipping.  (Shipping/transport/incidental charges are additional.) 

·         It is proven that vaccinations prior to the age of 10 weeks redundant to maternal antibodies, so no shots are given prior to this. At 15 weeks, Daintree vaccinates for Parvo.  It is strongly recommended that puppies prior to the age of 18 weeks old are kept away from litters of puppies, unknown dogs and heavy traffic areas for dogs such as dog parks, kennels, etc. until after this vaccine is considered to be protective. (Click here for vaccination rules.)

·          Each puppy under the age of 6 months receives a 2 year limited health warranty in writing as well as 6 weeks of complimentary pet insurance via Pets Plus Us.  You are becoming part of the Daintree Family and will receive lifetime support for any medical, behavioural or other issues that may arise.

·         As of 2015, we began using the Puppy Culture method of raising stable, social puppies with superior coping skills. To find out more about this program and order the videos yourself in preparation for your new addition, please click here.


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